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We are an early-stage biotech investment firm, providing seed capital, follow-on capital, and valuable industry experience at the intersection of genomics and data science.

Enabling early stage, life sciences founders to succeed.

Our team focuses on early stage biotech companies with talented founders, where we can provide mentoring and business advice, in addition to seed stage capital.  We are passionate about life sciences and willing to work with founders to do what is necessary to help them succeed. 


First In Ventures has partnered with one of the leading life sciences accelerators to provide early stage capital, (often first money in), as well as mentoring and management advice to founders in the life sciences field. 

We are willing and able to write the first check and help to create the company and structure from the ground up.

We believe in



After working with the First In Ventures (FIV) team for the past 18 months, we recommend them to 100% of biotech founders (and to our colleagues) as financially savvy company builders with high integrity and excellent scientific intuition. For Avail, the combination of Illumina Accelerator and FIV has been a powerful, synergistic combination of scientific domain expertise and business advisory support. We've been extremely fortunate to have them in our corner and on our cap table.

Nima Emami, PhD, CEO, Avail Bio

Investment Date: December 2019

First In Ventures has helped Celldom in ways that go far beyond financial contribution. Their partners know how to nurture entrepreneurs in the trenches, they know that a startup is a marathon not a sprint, and through thick and thin they have earned their seat at the table directing our company.

Benjamin Yellen, PhD, CEO, Celldom

Investment Date: January 2020

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